Bloodhound rocket cars

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Bloodhound model rocket cars

On Wednesday 10th May Lews Castle College UHI hosted a raceday for the Bloodhound model rocket cars. Forty S3 pupils from the Nicolson Instittute designed, built and raced their model rocket cars at the College with the aim of achieving the fastest speed during a 30m run. There were some excellent designs and impressive speeds reached with the winning team achieving over 56 mph! Not only did the pupils have a lot of fun building and racing their cars, they also gained knowledge and skills relating to STEM subjects including  aerodynamics and drag, down force and power to weight ratio, as well as learning about the awesome engineering involved in building and racing the real Bloodhound car which hopes to break the world land speed record next year. The winning team now has the opportunity to compete in the national final to be hosted by Perth College UHI on 13th June.

Race day