Support for our Students this Christmas

Christmas isn't always an easy time for everyone, our Student Andrea opens up and her experiences and we share how we can support you at this time of year.

Our Music student Andrea Adams has opened up about the challenges she has been dealing with while studying. This is an open and honest account of her experiences which we know can be triggering. Andrea wanted to share her story to encourage other students to reach out for help. Speaking to someone can be the first step to lightening the load you are carrying.

Each of our campuses has expert student support staff who can offer support and guidance on a wide range of topics including finances, disability support, learning support and personal issues. We can be contacted by emailing  , or if you are on campus pop-in and see us. As we approach the Christmas break students are reminded that there continues to be support available to students 24/7 through Spectrum Life and Togetherall. Find all our student support information here - Student Services and Support 

“Lots of students have family, personal and / or mental health issues but participating in University is still possible – this is what I’ve discovered over recent years. Right now, I am in an acute mental health ward due to an eating disorder and depression. I am also a carer at home and grew up as a young carer. My issues are part of my personality not my whole personality.  I want to talk about this because I won’t be the only person to have struggles whilst being a student and experiences of mental health and being at Uni. 

Music is something I love, and I find it calming, relaxing and genuinely enjoy learning more about it. Studying at the UHI has given me the opportunity to gain more knowledge in music and surround myself with like-minded people.  I genuinely want to continue the course and still have a drive to be successful during my studies.

Struggling to concentrate due to how I feel in hospital has been a barrier for me and at times it has taken longer for me do things or I have needed extra support, but this happens for so many students regardless of the reason. People might be confused about my situation i.e. how can I still do my university degree from hospital? How can I be unwell and struggling yet continue my studies? This is due to how supportive and helpful the university have been.   The support I’ve had from the university has been amazing and I wouldn’t have been able to do this without all the support I’ve had. It’s really a testament to how well the course runs and how supportive the staff have been from course staff to student support services.  

My experience has been a good one. Class and university have been a constant in my life even when things have been chaotic.   I’ve been able to participate which has lifted my mood.   It’s given me a reason to push myself out my comfort zone. I’ve felt less isolated as I’ve been able to keep in contact with my class and participate.   University has been a positive stressor and I felt all the “normal student emotions” which has helped me feel almost “normal” and given me a sense of normality. It has given me a focus and a reason to continue to push myself to get well again.   All the staff and those on my course have been so supportive and helpful - adjusting some arrangements so I can be included.”

The UHI have Counsellors available to students providing a safe confidential space to discuss issues troubling you with a supportive and qualified professional. Appointments can be arranged by emailing

Spectrum Life

The UHI has a 24/7 mental health phoneline through Spectrum Life. The phone lines are staffed by trained counsellors and psychotherapists, and students can ring or use WhatsApp/SMS to reach out:

Phone: 0800 031 8227

Text ‘Hi’ to WhatsApp or SMS: 07418 360780


As a UHI student you also have access to Togetherall , a 24/7 mental health support service which provides you with access to an online support community, self-help resources and a place to air how you are feeling anonymously. To join, simply sign up with your email address. There is also a Health and Wellbeing Facebook page which offers a wealth of support, advice and information around all matters related to wellbeing and student life.