Scottish Apprenticeship Week 07-11 March 2022

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Apprentices at the college

Scottish Apprenticeship Week shines a light on the vital role apprenticeships play in supporting people, employers and the economy. All week we will be sharing stories from staff, students and local employers to highlight the importance of apprenticeships for education, training and our local economy.

Roddy Ferguson, our Head of Technology, shares how important apprenticeship are for the college, our links to local business and supporting the developing local economy.

“Scottish Apprenticeships play an essential part in the nation's economic revival as well as being key to local economic development. There are thousands of apprenticeship opportunities available across Scotland. They allow individuals to work, learn and earn to gain the skills employers need.

Employers recognise the benefits apprenticeships bring to their business. Learning training providers, like the college, ensure people get the right skills to progress well in their chosen profession. Apprentices of all ages are accessing work-based learning to kick start their career.

We work with a range of local employers to develop apprenticeships. This year, in our Technology Department we have over 70 apprentices working for local firms in engineering, electrical and construction. We will be hearing directly from these students and employers throughout the week, but I also wanted to share why we are so passionate about apprenticeships at the college.

Apprenticeships offer a unique learning experience for students as they can learn, earn and work at the same time. They work closely with our staff to develop their knowledge & skills during their time on campus and then work with their employers to put these skills into practice in the workplace, gaining invaluable work experience at the same time.

Apprentices also work to support local businesses and the local economy. They provide training and upskilling that are crucial to business growth and sustainability. Apprenticeship Week Scotland is an important campaign to demonstrate to employers how beneficial an apprenticeship can be for their business. If any businesses are thinking of employing an apprentice, then I highly recommend they get in touch to see how the college can support them with this. We want to support you as an employer to deliver more successful apprenticeships and increase the benefits to your organisation.

We want everyone with an interest in apprenticeships to get involved in Scottish Apprenticeship Week, learn more from what we offer and come and speak to us about how we can support them.

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