Apprenticeship Q&A With CalMax's Donald Mackay

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Apprentice Duncan Macphail in the Construction Workshops

Calmax Construction are one of the largest building contractors on the Isle of Lewis. The principal aim of CalMax is to provide a high quality construction service to Western Isles customers both in Local Authority and Private Sectors covering Private and Commercial contracts, House-building, Maintenance Contracts and Civil Engineering projects.

They operate an apprenticeship programme in a range of trade disciplines and work with the college to support construction apprentices.

Here CalMax's Donald Mackay explains why apprentices are so important to their business. 

Why are apprentices important for your business?

As the industry is struggling to fill vacancies it is important to introduce young people to the various trades and provided them with the skills to be our future tradespeople.

How do apprentices support your business?

They provide a different dynamic and view point to our site teams as well as providing enthusiasm and energy.

What special opportunities can you provide apprentices? 

We can provide them with a wide varied of work experiences due to our varied client base and the cross over between our Civil and Construction Operations.

What would you say to another employer thinking of taking on an apprentice? – To take apprentices on to support our industry.

They are the future of our industry.

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