" It is definitely worth doing an apprenticeship, just find out more and get started."

It’s Scottish Apprenticeship Week and UHI Outer Hebrides, UHI North Highland and UHI West Highland are celebrating their talented modern apprentices and partnership with local employers.

Joshua Morrison is currently a Carpentry and Joinery Apprentice with UHI Outer Hebrides and O’Mac Construction Ltd.


Name: Joshua Morrison


Apprenticeship: Carpentry and Joinery

Employer: O’mac Construction


Why did you choose a Modern Apprenticeship: I was really interested in being a joiner and I had heard really good feedback from other apprentices.


Do you have any scheduled classes as part of your MA? How do these take place (in-person/online) and how do they fit in with your working schedule? We have classes in the UHI Outer Hebrides workshops doing practical work with our lecturers and then in the classroom doing theory work.


What do you think about the style of teaching and/or support you received from assessors/lecturers? We have really good support from our assessors and lecturers. The teaching is great and our lecturers are really skilled and share their experience with us.


What challenges have you encountered during your apprenticeship and how did you overcome them?   I have found graphic drawings, drawing to scale challenging at the beginning but our lecturers have helped me to understand it and how to do them.


What are your next steps after completing your Modern Apprenticeship? I will hopefully continue joinery with O’Mac and gain more skills and experience.


What advice would you give to those considering a Modern Apprenticeship? It is definitely worth doing, you get new skills, lots of experience and make lots of new friends. 


What has been the highlight of your Modern Apprenticeship? Getting hands on experience and the opportunity to learn new skills.


Anything else you feel like telling us about your experience? It is definitely worth doing an apprenticeship, just find out more and get started.